Our Vision
Our Vision
The recent advances in our understanding of the molecular basis for human diseases, along with the rapid development of powerful and affordable approaches for large-scale genomic and gene products analysis, open an unprecedented opportunity for a novel type of Precision Medicine. With its extraordinary community of life science researchers, advanced and highly centralized medical system, and well-established entrepreneurial culture, Israel can play a central role in these developments.
IPMP Objectives
  • Promoting research in the ­field of Precision Medicine in Israel.

    Enhancing cooperation between Israeli researchers in institutions of higher education in Israel, physicians from various ­fields and specializations and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).

    Mandating collaboration is crucial to the long-term success of Precision Medicine in Israel. This will significantly advance Israeli research capabilities and stimulate breakthroughs, with the potential for creating effective new healthcare strategies.

    Developing innovative analytical and computational technologies relevant to Precision Medicine, and helping to shape data infrastructures.

    Providing the research community with opportunities for input and access to results of program-supported studies. The IPMP is committed to advancing the public good through open sharing of data and science-driven inquiry, operating within a transparent and responsible public framework.