Combined Omics and Electronic Medical Records: Big Data for Prediction of Phenotype Sub-Types, Progression, and Treatment
Grant Amount: NIS 4.7 Million

About the Project
The research will focus on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of blindness in the developed world. In this research we will utilize comprehensive clinical information from electronic medical charts of thousands of patients, combined with analysis of retinal images, extensive characterization of the genome and the expression of protein of patients in order to obtain insights to AMD. The research will hopefully enable the identification of factors that are associated with specific phenotypes of AMD, as well as with the response to treatment in the neovascular stage of the disease. Such findings may significantly improve the understanding and treatment of AMD.
Research Team
Prof. Itay Chowers
Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem, Ophthalmology
Prof.Haime Levy
Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem, Ophthalmology
Prof. Amit Meller
Technion, Biomedical Engineering
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