Multi-Dimensional Analysis and the Human Aging Blood System
Grant Amount: NIS 6.2 Million
About the Project
The aging of the blood system is a complex process with overarching implications for the pathogenesis of several age-related diseases. In the current study we aim to dramatically improve our understanding of aging blood using sensitive molecular techniques to analyze the dynamics of single blood cells among aging individuals. We will combine multidimensional analytical models to process clinical and molecular data and to develop preventive blood aging therapies.    
Research Team
Dr. Liran Shlush
Weizmann Institute of Science, Immunology 
Professor Yinon Ben-Neriah
Hebrew University, Lautenberg Center for Immunology

Professor Amos Tanay
Weizmann Institute of Science, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Professor Ron Shamir
Tel Aviv University, School of Computer Science
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