Dynamic Risk Prediction Model for Post-Trauma Psychopathology, Based on Multi-Scale and Multi-Layered Profiling of Stress Response
Grant Amount: NIS 3.5 Million
About the Project
Ubiquitous in our lives, stress affects physical and mental wellbeing. The stress response is multi-layered biological and psychological, and changes through time. Individuals differ in how they react to stress, and there is no way to predict who is going to develop long-term psychopathology. Combining expertise in neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, statistics, and artificial intelligence, the research team plans to develop a dynamic risk-prediction model for psychopathology, closely following a traumatic event, and for the development of psychological problems over time. The model will also guide early personalized interventions and improve long-term prognosis. It will provide the basis for similar developments in other psychopathologies in which unfolding in time is critical for characterization and treatment improvement.
Research flow Multi-level Multi Scale measurements
Research Team
Prof. Talma Hendler
Tel Aviv University (School of Psychological Sciences and Sagol Brain Institute, School of Medicine) and the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)
Prof. Noam Shomron
Tel Aviv University (Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics and Sagol School for Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine)
Prof. Malka Gorfine
Tel Aviv University (Department of Statistics and Operations Research, School of Mathematics)
Prof. Lior Wolf
Tel Aviv University (School of Computer Science, Facebook AI Research)
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