Big Data to Therapy: Personalized Medicine for the Deaf in the Diverse Jewish Population
Grant Amount: NIS 5 Million
About the Project
The aim of the research is to define the genetic pathways governing the function of the mammalian inner ear and how variants in these pathways lead to deafness. Through the discovery of genes involved in deafness, the research is establishing genotype-phenotype correlations to set criteria for treatment and rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired population in Israel. In this project, the basis for hearing loss will be determined using genetic analysis of samples from thousands of patients, identified through a collaboration with the Maccabi Tipa biobank. Audiology and genetics clinics will be informed of new findings, establishing a guideline in precision medicine for hearing loss in Israel.
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Research Team
Prof. Karen Avraham
Tel Aviv University, Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
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